Start a new screen


screen unixcommand

Start a screen with a different name

screen -S session_name

in a screen - see commands

Ctrl+a ? is your friend...

  • Ctrl+a c Create a new window (with shell)
  • Ctrl+a " List all window
  • Ctrl+a 0 Switch to window 0 (by number )
  • Ctrl+a A Rename the current window
  • Ctrl+a S Split current region horizontally into two regions
  • Ctrl+a | Split current region vertically into two regions
  • Ctrl+a tab Switch the input focus to the next region
  • Ctrl+a Ctrl+a Toggle between the current and previous region
  • Ctrl+a Q Close all regions but the current one
  • Ctrl+a X Close the current region

  • screen -x [XXX] multi screen attach

list screens

screen -ls

Restore a screen

screen -r 10835

Detatch an attached screen

If a connection dropped

screen -D [xxx]

xxx is optional if there is only one screen

 Kill a screen

exit from commandline

Attach to a not detached screen (be careful)

screen -x session_name

How can I tell if i'm in a Screen already?

echo $TERM will say screen or echo $STY or you can Ctrl+a ? and you'll get a help menu or a ? if you're not on a screen!